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Spy camera, dictation recorder, GSM spy microphone, GPS plotter: a module of choice integrated into the object of your choice.

Custom Spy Devices upon request

QZT is the first professional manufacturer to provide customized spy equipment. Our experts work in our workshop to build a custom spy device of your choice. To offer you the best advice, our experts are available to guide you in selecting the equipment that best suits your needs. At QZT, you will find many unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.


On this page, you can select the functional object of your choice, such as a TV, kettle, coffee machine, or TV box, and transform it into a dual-functional object by adding the spy module of your choice, such as a spy microphone recorder, spy cameras, GPS trackers, or GSM spy microphones. The choice is yours!


Our experts will inspect, validate, manufacture, test, and ship your device within 7 days.

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Custom Product

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