Propaganda Of QZT

Founded in 2014, our company has branches in Germany and Italy, encompassing a sales company and a research and development technology company. We are located in Catania and specialize in online sales of discreet and high-quality audio and video surveillance equipment. We have developed a comprehensive catalog that you can find both online and in our other branches.

A Brand You Can Trust and Listen to

Over the years, we have listened to our customers' feedback, continuously developed, and today we proudly stand as the market leader.

Today, QZT represents:

  • A no-nonsense and reputable brand since 2014.
  • Same-day shipping of orders to Italy and Europe.
  • A professional and high-quality team.
  • Serving both professional and private clients.
  • Offering a wide selection of quality products.

QZT's Expertise

We have factories in Germany, Italy, and China for manufacturing.

At QZT, we strive to provide exceptional service that sets us apart from other brands. That's why we offer our customers products created in our workshop!

Customized Service:

Through our online site or by contacting us, you can customize everyday items such as tables, lamps, and DVD players according to your needs. Our technicians will be able to integrate a camera with remote vision in our workshop, ensuring optimal surveillance capabilities.

Find the Best Products

In order to continuously improve and meet customers' needs, our company conducts research and selects the best equipment and manufacturers in the market. All equipment we supply is tested and approved by our team of qualified technicians.

Excellent Customer Service

Instructions for devices are often lengthy and complicated. At QZT, we have created video guides to provide you with the best assistance in using your device. Our high-quality after-sales service is also available to help you resolve any problems you may encounter during delivery or while using your equipment. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.